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I'm one of the Community Volunteers for General Photography, along with my partner in crime, Mrs-Durden.

This guide explains what I look for in a Daily Deviation (along with examples of past features) and how to send a suggestion to me. If you aren't sure what Daily Deviations are all about, this knowledge base article covers it.

The photography categories you can suggest to me from are:

  • Architecture
  • Conceptual
  • Darkroom
  • Fireworks
  • Horror & Macabre
  • Infrared
  • Other
  • People & Portraits (Body Art, Classic Portraits, Emotive Portraits, Expressive, Other, Self-Portraits, Spontaneous Portraits)
  • Still Life
  • Transportation
  • Urban and Rural

I feature dark, experimental, psychedelic, visually challenging, subversive and otherwise unconventional photography with style and substance. I like weird. Give me weird.

If you want to see the sort of photos I've been featuring lately, check out this collection. There are some more examples of the kind of thing I'm looking for at the bottom of this post. They're all beautiful and you should look at them even if you aren't going to suggest DDs to me. But you should also suggest DDs to me.

The practical criteria:

  • I can't feature anyone who has had a DD in the last 6 months.
  • I can't DD anyone who hasn't logged in to DA in the last 30 days.
  • I generally feature work by people who are currently, recently active on DA beyond just logging in occasionally to submit things and vanishing without any further interaction.
  • I don't feature people who are very new to the site. Give it at least a couple of months, eh?
  • I will only feature work submitted to DA within the last year or so, to ensure I'm representing the artist's current skill level.
  • If you're not sure if something ticks the above metaphorical boxes, send it through anyway and I'll check it out.
  • I endeavour not to feature the same artists ad infinitum, but there's no hard and fast rule about this and I'm fine with featuring artists who I featured during previous volunteering terms or otherwise ages ago.
  • I give literally zero consideration to how popular or not an artist or a photograph is when it comes to Daily Deviations. I do not care. At all.

How to suggest a Daily Deviation to me:

  • Send me a note with a thumbnail of the photograph you'd like to suggest. That's it. Just do that.
  • Please don't include a reason why you think something 'deserves' to be featured. It won't make any difference. The feature is about the photo, not the suggester, and why you like it doesn't have any affect on whether or not I'll feature it. I love you but it's true.
  • I swear to all gods old and new, if you tell me I 'should' or 'have to' feature something, give me a sob story or even begin to suggest that a DD would be an appropriate birthday present for an artist, I will delete your note so fast and I'll view all future suggestions from you through annoyance-tinted lenses. For real.
  • Keep it to one suggested artist per note, please. If someone's entire gallery is incredible and you can't pick one photo, feel free to include a couple of options, but seriously, only one artist per note. I'm easily confused.
  • DO NOT, for the love of all that is pink and fluffy, send me more than one DD suggestion note per day or I'll cry and it'll be your fault.
  • I don't reply to DD suggestion notes unless I'm going to feature your suggestion. If you haven't heard back from me in a week or so, feel free to send it elsewhere.
  • YOU CAN SUGGEST YOUR OWN WORK! In fact, please do. I admire the hell out of people who can get behind their own creative output and I obviously won't list you as the suggester.

Finally, although there are two of us looking after the sprawling visual expanse that is General Photography, please only suggest a thing to one of us.

If you have any questions about any of this or you want to know how to make vegan peanut butter cups, note me :heart: :camera:

Sahara by GinebraSiddal 

Mature Content

RED - Adam by myrkky
  Tempest. by Tooga  A strange night by Mrs-White  Refractium by RAOqwerty  Ami qu'on creve by siamesesam  Spectral Pool II by D-T-E  Growth by Vividlens  Time square NY by larduin 

Mature Content

Sandy Nebula 3 by DenisSavoie
  Too Soon (100/365) by Tall-Tale-Memory  Suit Love by RBaumung  Firework fun by Mishelangello  II. Soulmates. The inescapable bond. by Mariamne-1484  Afraid by Q-harrr  Mirror Image by ByrdsEyePhotography  dark ethno by kozyafffka  I've Come For You by MarieStars  Gateway to Heaven by RubySummit  . by invisigoth88  26400021 by YaprakKocak 

Mature Content

what once was by NikytaGaia
  Street Workout by Loopol  Seed by laura-makabresku  The mist by ilona-veresk  Emergency by zardo

I'm one of the General Photography Community Volunteers, so you can suggest Daily Deviations to me from a bunch of really awesome categories. This journal explains how to do that and what I'm looking for in the photography I feature :heart: :camera:
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I would really not want to be at fault for making you cry.
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Haha...thank you :hug:
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